Day number 222222222222

Now did I say it was day number 2 :) 

Ok I'm having to adapt a few things from our last lock down as I am just going by what is being said by the trustworthy (IE not the media) that this little bugger is more one to watch out for than its younger Alpha, 

Now I've figured out a way to get more TV channels than I can poke a stick at :), so I've got stuff to watch, 
Walk wise it was so nice to be out last night, though with the few people I passed I started wearing a mask about half way through the walk as we have all got to do our part. 

I think I'm going to stick to the evening and night time walks as I feel there will be less of a chance in seeing people so up to the pines tonight me thinks 

I hope I only have to write another day or two of this but we will see as one day at a time on our journey, 

I do hope for my mental state (even though it is totally fine) I am back to work soon as I've just had SO much time off as of late its starting to grate at me a little but I have so much faith in the person who asked me to stay home so we just have to do what we have to do

We got this kiwis :) !!!