Days close

 It was so lovely to visit Miramar today and walk back through the cutting, 

If you look at it this area of our home has been the closest we have come to the thing called Covid at the moment, 

With the bad things that are happening overseas and one only has to look at Australia it would be understandable to feel if there was a bit of fear in the community, 

I did not feel any of this and the people I met all be it from a distance were there usual lovely selves, 

Now even though we look to shift down a level in the Eastern suburbs and the wider Wellington we will have to be watchful, 

Even though it is via click and collect it will be wonderful to be able to support our local business again 

No one wants to ever and should never live in fear and we should not be afraid of this virus, the main thing is that we are careful and that we do what we need to do to support one another, 

I always find when times are interesting, music is a good one for comfort and if you read the words of this song it says a lot of good stuff. 

Level 3 we got this team, dont rush ... look after one anothetr and we will see the big 2 soon,.