Time, what does it really matter ?

With luck as we come towards the end of Lockdown season 2 I find myself thinking like last time, what will we have learned from this and want to take forward into life. 

It was wonderful last time how quiet it became and the main thing you could hear was the call of the birds and just nature, to also hear very few cars it was wonderful, 
This time when we move to level 3, it will be interesting to see how quick we return to progress and the sound of the car, 

With the quiet of the day, i feel it also brought our community closer together with the way people would be out and about walking but also waving to a neighbour from a distance - lets make sure we dont loose this as we retuern slowly to normal. 

I have to ask what is our normal though, what does it really mean a normal now with our lockdown days and when it feels like one day is blending into another 
Look after loved ones team, look after family as we slowly get back into the routine again of "life" and working ... maybe it is time to focus on what is more important ?